What is Skype to do in a WebRTC World?

What is Skype to do in a WebRTC world?

WebRTC is coming, opening up video calling to any developer. Is that going to mark the demise of Skype? Will we see it adopting WebRTC or trying to reject it and trench within their own technology?

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Cheese Moving and Other Bedtime Stories

Cheese Moving and other bedtime stories

If you are here, then there’s a good chance you’ve also went through the process of reading Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard. This book essentially talks about change and the need to adapt to change. Well, guess what? It doesn’t really work this way. For years in my previous work, […]

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Fragmentation Will Not Kill Android

Android Fragmentation

For some reason, whenever a version of Android is released, people start talking about fragmentation, adoption of the new version and how Android is boomed. It isn’t. Not in the near future. Check out why here.

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