Announcing: WebRTC fiddle of the month

July 13, 2020

Once a month, I will be publishing along with  Philipp Hancke a WebRTC fiddle of the month as a free lesson in my WebRTC Codelab. This continues an old tradition of Mozilla’s Jan-Ivar, the fiddle ot the week.

Time for a new experiment. If all goes well, we will be making it a monthly thing.

Somehow, a week or two ago, we came to the conclusion that it would be nice to do a short video explainer of something that people are trying to figure out with WebRTC.

To make this happen, we decide together what to do the short lesson about, then Philipp Hancke writes a jsFiddle piece of code to implement it. And then we sit and record the explanation of it, creating a new free lesson in our joint WebRTC Codelab course.

What does each WebRTC fiddle of the month include?

Each WebRTC fiddle of the month has these 3 resources:

  1. A short video explaining the problem and how we solved it
  2. The link to the jsFiddle code
  3. Transcription of the video

Why are we doing it?

Creating the WebRTC Codelab was fun. We’re thinking of recording a new course at some point, but until we wrap our heads around that one, we’ve decided to continue recording some more lessons.

Seems like we work good together, so finding yet another excuse to do something made enough sense.

Oh, and if you happen to decide that you need to learn more about WebRTC, and end up enrolling to our course, then that’s a definite win 😃

Two requests I have for you

#1 – Check our first “fiddle of the month”

Our first explainer fiddle is about creating a peer connection that includes screen sharing and an audio microphone stream wrapped nicely together. You might get zoom-fatigue (or the WebRTC equivalent of that term), but you almost always want to talk when trying to screen share and collaborate.

Go watch our fiddle – Sharing screen + microphone together

Future WebRTC fiddles won’t be announced here, but only on social media and in the WebRTC Weekly (so subscribe to it). These fiddles will all be available in the WebRTC fiddle of the month section of the WebRTC Codelab course.

#2 – Suggest some more ideas for such fiddles

Got ideas or requests for fiddles?

I can’t promise we will record your request, but I can promise you we will seriously think about it once we sit down to decide what to record.

Just contact me and tell me what you think.

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  1. I love it!

    If anything, waiting a month inbetween videos feels kinda long since it is a relatively small subject area being covered, but this format is awesome. 🙂

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