From Blackberry Orphans to FanApples

June 4, 2012

Are we now shifting our kids from being Blackberry orphans into Fanapples?

A few years ago, there was an interesting article on the Wall Street Journal. One which concentrated on a growing trend nicknamed Blackberry Orphans:

In Austin, Texas, Hohlt Pecore, 7, and his sister, Elsa, 4, have complicated relationships with their mother’s BlackBerry. “I feel very annoyed,” says Hohlt. “She’s always concentrating on that blasted thing.” (Hohlt says he picked up the word “blasted” from the film “Pirates of the Caribbean.”)

I never did own a Blackberry, but I do use the laptop extensively – at work and at home. When my daughter turned 3, she already despised the laptop, knowing that when I sit in front of it – I “disappear”. She stated that a few times when she saw me walk to it.

I am sure that a Blackberry would have had a similar effect.

Fast forward to today, and you’ve got the iPhone.

Kids aren’t orphans anymore – they have become FanApples. The moment I got my Android phone (which is practically an iPhone – we can fight over it later), my daughter became addicted. Whenever she saw me holding it, she asked if she can play. No more complaining about me using a device, but rather fighting over using it.

I have a colleague at work who stated that his iPad requires a battery recharge daily – it is used for over 6 hours each day… and not only by him: his daughters and wife use it as well.

Our neighbor next door? He’s a whiz at playing Fruit Ninja at the age of 5. On his mom’s phone. His father has a Blackberry, so no luck there.

For us, the smartphone has become the babysitter in the car for my daughter when it isn’t required for navigation.

Not sure what I prefer: having digital orphans or digital fans at home.

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  1. Brilliant post. As a father of a three, I can wholeheartedly say that I prefer to have the digital fans at my home. There’s just not other way to transport the three of them in the car.

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