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AudioCodes and WebRTC: An Interview With Yossi Zadah

AudioCodes provides VoIP solutions for the enterprise with WebRTC accessibility attached. This is an interview with Yossi Zadah from AudioCodes about their offerings in WebRTC.

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Frozen Mountain and WebRTC: An Interview With Anton Venema

Frozen Mountain provides video calling for developers and it uses WebRTC to do that. Here’s an interview I did with CTO and President, Anton Venema

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BuildAR and WebRTC: An Interview With Rob Manson

Ever thought of how WebRTC can fit into augmented reality? buildAR is doing just that – here’s an interview with their CEO, Rob Manson.

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MNS and WebRTC: An Interview With Kjell Oksendal

One of the intersting offerings with WebRTC are SaaS services as building blocks. This is exactly what MNS is doing – for NAT traversal and multipoint. Here’s an interview with Kjell Oksendal.

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Veeting Rooms and WebRTC: An Interview With Philipp & Fabian

Location for WebRTC is important – the closer you place your relay servers to custmers the better. But what if what you are aiming for is privacy? Check out this interview with Veeting Rooms.

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Weemo and WebRTC: An Interview With Soufiane Houri

Here’s an interview with another WebRTC API Platform. This time Weemo, with Soufiane Houri.

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Twinlife and WebRTC: An Interview With Michel Gien

WebRTC opens up new ways of communications, and with it new modals. Twinme is an attempt at a new approach – here’s how Michel Gien, CEO of Twinlife, the company behind Twinme explains it.

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Secretly Meet and WebRTC: An Interview With Orfeo Morello

SecretlyMeet enables the creation of a private session between two people. One that tears down and leaves no trace once a browser is closed.

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TrueConf and WebRTC: An Interview With Michael Gotalsky

Ever thought about how enterprise video conferencing vendors use WebRTC? Here’s an interview with Michae Gotalsky, CEO of TrueConf.

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