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Jitsi and WebRTC: an interview with Emil Evov

Here’s the interesting story of Jitsi – an open source VoIP client “transformed” into a WebRTC MCU. An interview with Emil Ivov

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Ever wondered how to monitor a WebRTC deployment? I sat down with Varun Singh of for an interview on how their offer can assist in that domain.

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Grimwire and WebRTC: An Interview With Paul Frazee

WebRTC Data Channel at the hands of developers with a vision can be quite interesting. Here’s what Paul Frazee is doing with it at Grimwire.

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&yet and WebRTC: An Interview With Henrik Joreteg

How a web projects company is using WebRTC. The story of &yet said by Henrik Joreteg, President of &yet.

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Jocly and WebRTC: An Interview With Michel Gutierrez

Here’s the first real vendor that is using WebRTC for gaming purposes, as opposed to an interesting demo: an interview with Michel Gutierrez, CEO of Jocly.

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OnSIP and WebRTC: An Interview With Will Mitchell

OnSIP is a cloud provider of business VoIP services. I had the opportunity to chat with Will Mitchell on what it is that they do with WebRTC.

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XSockets.NET and WebRTC: An Interview With Magnus Thor

Ever thought of using .NET for WebRTC? XSockets.NET is doing just that, and here’s an interview with Magnus Thor on their endeavors.

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Regroup Therapy and WebRTC: An Interview With David Cohn

Online therapy sessions are moving towards WebRTC and Regroup Therapy plays a role in that. I say down with David Cohn for a quick interview about this domain.

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Apidaze and WebRTC: An Interview With Philippe Sultan

There are many API platforms for WebRTC these days. I decided to have an interview with Philippe Sultan, about their solution – Apidaze

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