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Do I Need a Media Server for a One-to-Many WebRTC Broadcast?

If you plan on implementing a one-to-many WebRTC broadcast scenario, then be prepared to install and maintain media servers to make this happen.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing WebRTC Applications

There are certain mistakes that I see people repeat when developing their WebRTC Applications. I want to go over them, so you don’t repeat them.

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AWS DeepLens and the Future of AI Cameras and Vision

AWS DeepLens is a new product for developers that is going to change the way we think and architect machine vision related applications.

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How Many Users Can Fit in a WebRTC Call?

WebRTC can be used for calls in any group size. The larger the group the more energy you’ll need to put to your architecture and media server technology.

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What is WebRTC adapter.js and Why do we Need it?

WebRTC adapter.js is a module you should be using in your WebRTC application. The reason? It makes developing with WebRTC for multiple browsers easier.

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The Makeup of a WebRTC API Platform

What’s in a WebRTC API Platform and what makes it different from the classic CPaaS? Here are my thoughts as I prepare to update my report.

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What’s New With the Jitsi Videobridge?

Jitsi videobridge is a popular media server for WebRTC and it is going some interesting changes recently. Here’s a summary of where we’re at.

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Kranky Geek 2017: What Does the Pulse of WebRTC Tells Us?

A summary of WebRTC Kranky Geek 2017 event which focused on real world implementations, scaling and machine learning.

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H.264 or VP8 in Your WebRTC Application?

Now that Apple joined the WebRTC gang, it is time to understand what video codec we should use in our WebRTC application: H.264 or VP8?

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