How Chrome 30 is WebRTC’s Best Release Yet

October 7, 2013

Chrome 30 is the best WebRTC release to date, but it has nothing to do with the new features it brings.

Chrome 30

Google just released Chrome 30, and as with previous releases, this one brings some advances in the domain of WebRTC. What was it this time?

Support for the WebRTC Device Enumeration API allows users to change their microphones and/or camera on the fly without having to restart the WebRTC call.

How can this make Chrome 30 release the best one? That can be found on other news outlets. This is what Nick Summers of TheNextWeb had to say about Chrome 30:

Google rolls out Chrome 30 with easier searching by image and new touch-based gestures on Android

You won’t find a word there about WebRTC, and neither will you find anything about WebRTC in most other news outlets. For Chrome, and for Firefox, WebRTC is now old news – it is just there.

This makes it the best release of WebRTC yet – one where its support is obvious.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

Two years of WebRTC Insights

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