Enough with that 2.0 Already

I’ve had it. The next time I see someone refer to a term as 2.0 – I’m going to go berserk.

Here are a few doozies from the past couple of weeks.

  • Cloud 2.0. The hype of the cloud isn’t over and we’re at 2.0 already. Funny seeing this one on a Telco 2.0 site.
  • SMS 2.0. SMS is sooooo old. It is time for it to get to 2.0. I am just not sure that 2.0 make any sense here besides as an eye grabber.
  • NoSQL 2.0. Yes. Right. Most of us are still struggling with what NoSQL really is and what is it good for (besides just saying Big Data each time we hear NoSQL). So NoSQL 2.0?
  • Social Media 2.0. So now we have a pure marketing trend being marketed as new over its older new. That’s a bit cyclic.
  • HotSpot 2.0. We’ve got hot spots already, but when carriers are the ones deploying it then it becomes 2.0.

Stop the numbers abuse and just think of how to give a compelling story instead.

Or better yet – just move to 3.0 instead.

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