Did Apple Lose its iPad Shine?

March 9, 2012

So it isn’t an iPad 3. It isn’t iPad HD. It’s just a “new” iPad.

And this new iPad still doesn’t beat my Kindle.

So what’s there to see in the new iPad?

  • Higher resolution?
  • Faster chipset?
  • A somewhat better camera?
  • LTE?
  • Bluetooth?
  • Bigger battery?
  • Siri!

Newsflash: every handset vendor is doing that for ages now. This isn’t anything innovative – it’s just… improving the old with something that is a bit better. It’s the obvious thing to do as a vendor.

Where’s the creativity and innovation from Apple?

From any other vendor – we’d expect it. But from Apple?

Lance Ulanoff has the same impressions as I do on this one:

You have to, as I did, turn on the iPad New to tell the difference. Granted, it’s a big, spectacular difference — the screen is breathtaking. […] All good, worthy updates, but none of it says ‘fundamentally different.’


All this sameness has me worried.

What did we get in the past in such announcements?

  • The iPhone itself – changed the market
  • Then an App Store
  • The iPad
  • FaceTime
  • Siri

There’s more that I skipped – like iAd, Game Center and others.

And now? More of the same. Just… better?

The new iPad will be a smash hit. No doubt about it.

But I don’t think it will continue with such growth if Apple won’t find a way to innovate in things that aren’t obvious. There are too many other handset vendors breathing down their necks.

No wonder they are calling it the new iPad and not iPad 3 or HD.

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