Getting Started with WebRTC? There’s a Book for That

December 16, 2013

Rob Manson’s book is mandatory reading for WebRTC developers.

Up until a month ago, when someone wanted a book about WebRTC, there was only one – “The WebRTC Book“. It is a great resource, but not suitable for all. This is why when I learned that a new WebRTC book has been published, I checked it out – and had to run back and tell you all here.

Getting Started with WebRTC

I am talking about the book Getting Started with WebRTC, a book by Rob Manson, CEO of BuildAR, an Australian company dealing with augmented reality, HTML5 and mobile. Met him at the Santa Clara event – a great person on top of being a great writer.

His book cuts through the details and descriptions of what WebRTC is directly into the beef of what it is you want to do – connect a video call with WebRTC. It takes the approach of a cookbook, where the focus is on building step-by-step a calling application that uses Node.js as its backend. Once done with the “basics”, it teaches how to change it from a video calling app, to a voice one, a text chat one (yap – data channel) and how to add file sharing. It also gives two additional use cases of widely used WebRTC applications – one of e-learning and the other of team communication.

All in all, feel free to see this as mandatory reading for a developer who wants to start developing with WebRTC ASAP.

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