When to Invest in a WebRTC Business?

June 14, 2012

WebRTC is a work in progress. When will it be ready and how is that going to affect your roadmap decisions?

Here’s a question I’ve been asked more than once in the past month:

When is a good time to invest in a WebRTC business?

Clearly, WebRTC is still not ready for primetime – the spec isn’t even closed yet and browser support is lacking. So should you invest now? Next month? Next year?

My answer?


Yes. WebRTC is a work in progress.

Yes. WebRTC is a “moving target”.

But it is also a brand new paradigm for video conferencing, and that requires time to digest.

There are a lot of unknowns in WebRTC and how it can and should be used, so the faster you act, the better positioned you will be with your solution.

Questions around security, connectivity, bandwidth management and a myriad of other topics are wide open. You need to tinker with them – check how they work in order to understand them better and then decide how to proceed with solving them.

Start now. Don’t wait. Make sure you have a head start on the rest of the pack.

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