Join us for Kranky Geek India: March 19

February 6, 2016

Our next Kranky Geek event is taking place in India.

Bangalore Palance

Kranky Geek events? We did them twice. Both times in San Francisco. Both were very successful events. In both we didn’t know if these are one time gigs or something we want to continue doing.

Then we sat down to plan 2016, and came up with three planned events. The first one is taking place in Bangalore, India.

As with any Kranky Geek, this one is about developers of real time communications.

Like previous Kranky Geek events, it is free to attend. Sponsors take the burden of enabling us to plan this event and then pay for everything around it.

Google has been taking the lead here and helping us a lot in getting these events off the ground – in a way taking the leap of faith in our ability to manage these events.


Google asked us to do an event in India, so we happily obliged. For me, it would be the first time in India, making the excitement on my end even higher.

India makes sense in a lot of ways. Many of the vendors I end up looking are vendors that are local to India. Others are vendors with large development teams in India who end up doing a lot of the WebRTC development. Kranky Geek India gives me personally a great opportunity to meet many of these people in person.

To make things short:

Where? Bangalore, India

Exact location: MLR Convention Center

Date and time: March 19, 11:00 until we finish

How do I register? here


Our sponsors this time are Google, TokBox and IBM. Expect a large cadre of interesting speakers and topics – some local and some international in nature.

I’d love to see you with us at the event!

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