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February 4, 2016

Just making sure you’re not missing out…


If you don’t know, in the last year I’ve been part of a great team of partners. We are building together a WebRTC monitoring and testing service called testRTC. The service is up and running for some time now with an increasing number of customers.

The most crappy part of our service was our website (not the one customers are using, but rather the one potential customers look at). So we updated it recently.

One of the main additions to that website is the new blog there. I’ve got an editorial calendar for it running until March with weekly content that I want to share with you, but felt that isn’t the best of places for it – it was too focused on testing or too related to testRTC.

What will you find in our testRTC blog?

  • Announcements about our service and the versions we are rolling out
  • Useful tips for testers, like the one we published yesterday about .y4m files and Chrome
  • Things we think you should take care of in your testing practices
  • Insights into our design decisions for our internal architecture
  • Test script samples of how testRTC can be used to handle certain WebRTC testing issues

So some of the content will be relevant to everyone while other parts of it for those using testRTC.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

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