Kranky Geek, WebRTC sponsorships and other updates around my services

September 23, 2019

Some updates you might want to be aware of.

This is going to be mainly about updates of things that are going on that you may want to be aware of. Mainly:

  • Kranky Geek 2019
  • Available WebRTC related sponsorships
  • Revamping my consulting pages

Kranky Geek 2019

Kranky Geek event

Kranky Geek 2019 is coming up fast.

Date is set to Friday, November 15 2019

At our traditional location: Google’s office at 345 Spear St, San Francisco

We are going to continue this year in our look at WebRTC and machine learning in communications as our main theme.

Want to register for Kranky Geek?

Registration to the Kranky Geek event are now open.

We’ve got limited room, so you should register earlier rather than later.

There’s a token registration fee ($10) – it is how we make sure everyone has a place to sit during the event.

Register now

Want to speak at Kranky Geek?

If you’re into sharing your knowledge and experience with others, then how about speaking at Kranky Geek?

We’re working on the agenda at the moment, and are looking for speakers to join us. Each year we get one or two such requests that end up quite well. Need examples? Check out last year’s Facebook session on Portal or maybe Discord on their infrastructure.

Want to try this out? Contact us.

Want to sponsor Kranky Geek?

We get to do Kranky Geek on a yearly basis due to our great sponsors.

Our sponsors this year include:

This leaves room for one or two more sponsors. If you’d like to help us our, and show off your brand where it matters when it comes to WebRTC, then let us know.

Meet me in person

In the next couple of months I’ll be traveling. If you’d like to meet, ping me.

October 24-25, Beijing

I’ll be heading to Beijing for’s RTC 2019 event.

My session at the event is “Common WebRTC mistakes and how to avoid them”. Still need to work out on my presentation.

If you’re in Beijing for the event, it would be great to see you in person.

November 11-16, San Francisco

Kranky Geek takes place November 15. I’ll be in San Francisco for the duration of that week.

My time in San Francisco is usually limited and hectic, but I am always happy to catch up and talk when I can find an open slot for it.

If you are interested in meeting up – just tell me.

Available WebRTC related sponsorships

There are sponsorship opportunities that are available if you want to highlight your products, services or even job listings. These are available not directly on, but rather in a few partner domains:

  • webrtcHacks – that’s where most WebRTC developers end up when they need to learn a trick or two or a best practice around WebRTC
  • WebRTC Weekly – a weekly newsletter that people interested in WebRTC are subscribed to
  • Kranky Geek – as stated above, we’re looking for a last sponsors or two for this event 🙂

There’s now an orderly media kit you can review for the webrtcHacks and WebRTC Weekly sponsorships. Check it out.

New testRTC product: Network Testing

At testRTC, we’ve launched a new product a few months back – Network Testing

While our other products are geared towards developers, testers and IT, this new product caters for support teams.

What it does is connects to your backend directly (there’s an onboarding/integration associated with this product), and then runs a battery of network tests from the machine you use our service. It ends up providing the information it gathers to both the person running the test as well as your support team.

This was developed with the help of Talkdesk, one of our first clients for this product. Check out the testimonial we did with Talkdesk using testRTC’s Network Testing.

Interested in learning more? Contact us @ testRTC

A new WebRTC course – for support teams

I have started working on a new course called “Supporting WebRTC”. The purpose of this course is to assist support teams that need to deal with issues related to WebRTC to better understand and handle them.

This comes as I celebrate my 500 course students in my developer focused Advanced WebRTC training.

Anyways, ping me if youre interested in learning more about the new Supporting WebRTC course – or even want to be there during the prelaunch, providing feedback as I create lessons.

Revamping my consulting pages

This how the menu bar on my website looked until yesterday:

And this is how it looks now:

I’ve replaced the “non-performing” and somewhat cluttered Workshops/Consulting combo with the more usual Products/Services alternative.

Why the change?

Because there are many of my services that were gone unnoticed. I found that out while speaking to clients and potential clients. So it made sense to change the structure. Another reason is the recent launch of my ebooks section – while these are part of the WebRTC Course website (along with the courses themselves), I wanted to be able to share everything on my main site –

I’ve decided to make this change available now and not wait for it, but these pages will be updated soon. I have commissioned a few unique illustrations for these new pages and can’t wait to get them up.

Here’s a glimpse of one of the concept sketches I received (this one for the courses):

Doing something with communications? I am here to help.

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