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Android Does… RCS !? What About WebRTC? Hangouts?

Google acquired Jibe Mobile and officially announced supporting RCS. Why is this move so interesting and how will it affect communications? There is no easy answer, and many possibilities now open for Google to use this latest acquisition.

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WIT Software and WebRTC: An Interview With André Silva

How can WebRTC fit in a telecom’s vendor offerings? This interview with WIT Software’s André Silva may give you the answer.

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WebRTC’s Extremes. Aggregation or Embedability? Federated or Siloed?

WebRTC as a piece of technology can be used to reach extremes – aggregate or embed – federate or silo. Which should it be and why this huge variance in solutions?

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Should WebRTC Data Channels be Explicitly Approved by the User?

WebRTC data channels offer much power, but aren’t the security threat you are made to believe. They should not be closed behind user permissions.

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Altocloud and WebRTC: An Interview With Barry O’Sullivan

Contact center WebRTC isn’t only about click-to-talk scenarios. Altocloud takes the opposite route – how do you target customers browsing your website? Here’s an interview with Altocloud’s CEO, Barry O’Sullivan.

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Samsung’s Broken Customer Service, and why Omnichannel is so Damn Hard to get Right

Where I pour my heart on a recent experience trying to buy a tablet for my sister and having Samsung fail me miserably due to a broken omnichannel experience.

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WebRTC PaaS and the Great Unbundling

In 2014, we were introduced to an unbundling trend of WebRTC PaaS vendors. It took different shapes and sizes. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Lantern and WebRTC: An Interview With Adam Fisk

Lantern is about getting over the censored internet. It does that with WebRTC code. Here’s an interview with Adam Fisk, President and CEO of Lantern.

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Matrix.org and WebRTC: An Interview with Matthew Hodgson

Here’s an idea. Building a signaling framework for WebRTC with federation built into it. That’s what Matrix is and here’s an interview with Matthew Hodgson about it.

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