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Another One Bites the Dust: Tropo Closes its Doors to New Customers

Cisco just closed the doors to Tropo, the CPaaS company it acquired two year ago. What does that say about Cisco, and about the future of CPaaS?

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Twilio Acquires Kurento. Who will Acquire Janus?

Twilio just acquired Kurento in an effort to support its video conferencing service. What does that mean to Kurento’s project? How does that affect Twilio? Janus? TokBox?

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Microsoft Acquires Beam, Showing the Value of WebRTC to Interactive Live Streaming

Microsoft just acquired Beam for its low latency interactive live streaming platform that happens to use WebRTC. Here’s what it means and the various techniques in which WebRTC fits to this niche.

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Will Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Change the WebRTC Landscape?

Microsoft just acquired LinkedIn. What are the points of integration, and will WebRTC and real time communications be a part of it?

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Where are we with WebRTC?

A status check of where we are in the WebRTC market and where we are headed, now that the technology is 5 years old.

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How Video Conferencing Vendors Adapt to WebRTC?

WebRTC video conferencing vendors? The natural players seem to be warming up to WebRTC. Here’s what they are doing and how they fare.

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Microsoft, Apple and WebRTC in 2016

Microsoft and Apple are gearing up for WebRTC support. How will that translate into market adoption, and what should we see in 2016 from them?

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Developer Ecosystem Acquisitions Makes Build vs Buy Decisions Harder

The selection of a WebRTC PaaS vendor isn’t a simple one. Picking a vendor with a large developers ecosystem doesn’t make it impervious…

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Does Google’s Support of RCS Changes Anything for WebRTC?

Google partnering with carriers and the GSMA around RCS won’t change its efforts around WebRTC or the bright future ahead of WebRTC. The two aren’t competing with each other and serve different purposes inside Google.

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