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Would WebRTC be as Big a Thing if it Didn’t Run in a Web Browser?

WebRTC without the browser isn’t that big of a deal. Or is it? What would the future of WebRTC look like without browser support to rely on?

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Can Wire Succeed Where Talko Failed?

Talko got acquired, saving it from getting bust. Switch raised funding. Where is Wire headed, and how far is it from success? If anything, Wire needs to pivot.

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The First WebRTC Earthquake in Video Conferencing: Acano vs Polycom

Enterprise video conferencing is changing. Cisco’s acquisition of Acano versus Polycom’s closure of its Israeli office are testament to that. This is probably the beginning of a serious change in this market.

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For Cisco, Slack Would Have Been a Better Acquisition than Acano

Cisco acquired Acano, buying into legacy and unified communications when what it should have done is bid for Slack and buy into the future and enterprise messaging.

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Android Does… RCS !? What About WebRTC? Hangouts?

Google acquired Jibe Mobile and officially announced supporting RCS. Why is this move so interesting and how will it affect communications? There is no easy answer, and many possibilities now open for Google to use this latest acquisition.

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Comverse Acquires Acision, Framing Digital an APIs Around WebRTC

Comverse acquired Acision for around $210M. It is its second WebRTC related acquisition as it focuses on digital services. How will this evolve for Comverse and for Acision?

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LinkedIn – Where are Thou with WebRTC?

Shouldn’t LinkedIn be offering some real time comms capabilities? I think it is time they showed some WebRTC love and launched a service using it.

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WebRTC Related Acquisitions in Acceleration Mode

We just had our 7th WebRTC related acquisition in 2015. This is turning out to be a very interesting year for vendors in this space. How does this compare to the previous 3 years of WebRTC? What can we learn from it moving forward?

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Cisco just entered the WebRTC PaaS Game by Acquiring Tropo

Cisco just acquired Tropo, making it an official API vendor with a a large developer ecosystem. It also made it a WebRTC PaaS player. What challenges lie ahead of Cisco, and what are the open questions about this acquisition?

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