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LiveNinja and WebRTC: An Interview With Emilio Cueto

When a vendor decides to leave an API platform and go after its own destiny – I become intrigued. That’s what Emilio Cueto, CTO of LiveNinja had to tell me about their new platform and service called Katana.

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Is AWS the Best Place for WebRTC? Is there a Best Host for WebRTC at All?

AWS doesn’t have enough data center locations to be worth the trouble for WebRTC. The problem is, there’s no one else either.

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What are Carriers Doing With WebRTC? Everything But IMS

How is it that most telco vendors are pitching IMS-WebRTC and telcos are deploying WebRTC without IMS?

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WebRTC isn’t [Only] About Guest Access

WebRTC should be viewed through more than a single prism which limits the analysis done on a service adopting it.

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Apple’s Vision for IoT (Internet of Things) @WWDC: The iPhone at the Center

Apple outlined its vision for IoT at WWDC. It is all about the iPhone as the center of gravity, enhancing its span from developers to device manufacturers.

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Newsflash: You Don’t Need an SBC for WebRTC

An SBC is a technical solution to a real VoIP problem – a problem that no longer exist in the world of WebRTC.

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AudioCodes and WebRTC: An Interview With Yossi Zadah

AudioCodes provides VoIP solutions for the enterprise with WebRTC accessibility attached. This is an interview with Yossi Zadah from AudioCodes about their offerings in WebRTC.

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Why Pay-TV OTT has More Chance to Succeed than Telco OTT

Telco OTT for messaging and voice has failed thusfar, but that is no indication of how Pay-TV OTT and TV Everywhere services will fare.

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CallStats.io and WebRTC: An Interview With Varun Singh

Ever wondered how to monitor a WebRTC deployment? I sat down with Varun Singh of callstats.io for an interview on how their offer can assist in that domain.

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