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WebRTC will not Disrupt VoIP

Taking the other side of the argument: Why WebRTC isn’t going to change or disrupt VoIP

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Why do People (and Vendors) Open Source Their Code? Here are 10 Reasons

Ever thought why do people open source and share source code? There are many reasons to take this route. Here are 10 of them.

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WebRTC on Mobile is Still Science Fiction

When people make so much fuss from Opera on Android, you know that WebRTC on mobile doesn’t have a good enough story.

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Chrome will end up Eating Android’s Lunch

With two operating systems of Google competing, there’s a good chance we will see Chrome getting ahead of Android as time goes by.

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Should VoIP be Considered an Operating System Function?

Is it time to rethink VoIP? Is it a service, a feature – or just an operating system capability?

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Who Provides Telco APIs?

Ever wondered what types of Telco API exist out there? How they get created and consumed?

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Vonage and WebRTC: An Interview With Sagi Dudai

Vonage uses WebRTC differently than most. It ported it and repurposed it to fit its own needs, which were offering a mobile app and entering the video domain. Here’s an interview with Sagi Dudai, GM and VP Mobile at Vonage

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Is Chromecast the First M2M Use Case for WebRTC?

Does WebRTC fit anywhere in M2M? Chromecast sheds some light on this question. I’ve heard a couple of times about WebRTC being the next great thing. And it is, but there is hype around it, and some of it is a bit weird. One of the weird things I’ve heard about WebRTC was how good […]

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WebRTC Gaming: How OUYA can be Even Cooler

OUYA, or for that matter, any gaming center, can be enhanced with WebRTC rather easily.

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