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The Challenges in Porting WebRTC to Mobile Devices

Thought porting WebRTC to mobile is easy? Well… it is easier than it used to be, but there are some considerable challenges with it.

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Fragmenation in Smartphones – an iOS or an Android Problem?

I am not sure what is better – knowing there’s fragmentation and dealing with it early on – or thinking the world is uniform and then finding out it is… fragmented – just differently.

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Can Google Force VP9 on an H.264 World?

Google is gearing up to the real fight: who displaces H.264 – will it be H.265 or VP9?

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The Next Billion of WebRTC Devices: Or Why Apple and Microsoft Don’t Matter

Now that we are about to hit 1 billion WebRTC enabled devices, it is time to look where the next billion will come from.

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There’s an App For That, But is it on iOS?

iOS isn’t what it used to be. It is still successful as hell. Monetization is probably best on iOS. But somehow, a lot of the innovation is shifting to Android. Here are a few examples.

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What Does Nokia Want out of WebRTC?

Nokia is now asserting its position against VP8. What are its motives? What does it stand to gain, and does it have anything sabstantial to do with WebRTC at all?

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AddLive does WebRTC APIs: An Interview With Kavan Seggie

AddLive does WebRTC telephony APIs. What does Kavan Seggie, AddLive’s CEO has to say about his service, differentiation and WebRTC?

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Fixing Wi-Fi with Social

Instabridge is social Wi-Fi. It is an interesting and innovative solution that fixes some of the issues I have with Wi-Fi.

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How Will WebRTC Manifest Itself on Mobile Devices?

WebRTC on mobile is going to be a different ballgame than it is on the desktop. The native web browser is not going to be the delivery method of choice for it.

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