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Dailymotion, Peer5 and the Future of Streaming

Dailymotion is using Peer5 for their streaming service in order to reduce their dependence on CDNs. Where are we headed with WebRTC in streaming?

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What’s Your Preferred Language for WebRTC Development?

WebRTC has no specific programming language to it. The components that comprise a WebRTC service utilize different languages. Here’s how it all fits in (and what you should know).

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Recording WebRTC Sessions: client side or server side?

An overview on the different alternatives available when you recording WebRTC sessions: server side, client side and forwarding.

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How Media and Signaling flows look like in WebRTC?

When we look at network connections of WebRTC, most of the time you’ll see people focusing on signaling but missing the WebRTC media paths. Here’s what to expect.

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IMTC: Supporting WebRTC Interoperability

The IMTC WebRTC Activity Group has been around for quite some time. Bernard Aboba was kind enough to share their efforts and plans in this domain in this guest post.

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Do you still need TURN if your media server has a public IP address?

Using a media server with a public IP address isn’t enough to solve your WebRTC NAT traversal headaches – you need a TURN server for that.

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Are WebRTC room systems interesting again?

Video conferencing room systems are changing, and WebRTC has a hand in that. How are the new ones look like and what do they spell for the future?

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Microsoft Acquires Beam, Showing the Value of WebRTC to Interactive Live Streaming

Microsoft just acquired Beam for its low latency interactive live streaming platform that happens to use WebRTC. Here’s what it means and the various techniques in which WebRTC fits to this niche.

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WebRTC Plugin? An Electron WebRTC app is the only viable fallback

You should drop the idea of using a WebRTC plugin and warm up to the use of an Electron WebRTC app instead – you’d be surprised who’s using it already.

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