WebRTC for Business People – The 2017 Edition

May 22, 2017
WebRTC for Business People - The 2017 Edition The revamped WebRTC for Business People report is now published. I’ve been reviewing the stats of the content here lately, and noticed that people still find their way and download my WebRTC for Business People report. My only problem with it is that it was already old - and showing it: There’s no serious mention of the advances made by Microsoft Edge towards WebRTC support, nothing about the difficulty of finding experienced WebRTC developers. But most of all - the use cases it mentioned. Some of them were companies that got acquired. Others were shutdown. Some stagnated in place, or are now on life support. That’s not a good way to introduce someone to the topic of WebRTC. So a rewrite was in order here, which brought me to work with a few sponsors:
They were kind enough to make the investment needed for me to put the time and effort into it.

WebRTC for Business People - what’s in the 2017 edition?

Well… First off - the report is still free. You can download it, print it, read it online - practically do whatever you want with it. I’ve refreshed the visuals and updated the analysis part with data from 2015 until 2017 (the time that have passed since the last update to the report). Did you know that WebRTC is still growing linearly in all relevant parameters that you can check? No hype here. Just solid, steady growth. The minor change in github projects trajectory? That started when Google moved their WebRTC samples and demos from Google code to github. I wonder if this will change when Apple adds WebRTC to Safari and iOS. I removed all the nonsense in the report about SIP and H.323. These protocols still exist, but more often than not, people don’t look at them and compare them with WebRTC - because WebRTC has gone way beyond these signaling protocols. Oh - yes - and I completely rewritten all the vendor use cases and the segments I look at in this report. Here’s the new set of vendors in the report: If you are interested in WebRTC, the ecosystem around it and understand how companies are using it today - in the real life - making real commercial use of it - then check out this report.

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