Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course: Adding a Premium Package

September 30, 2016

So far so good, but it is time to add some more options for you.

A selection of three different course packages
A selection of three different course packages

I am working to complete all lessons for the course. It takes time to work things through, go over the lessons, make sure everything is in order and record the sessions.

The interesting thing to me is the variety of people that enroll to this course – they come from all over the globe, varying from small startups to large companies. I found some interesting vendors who are looking at WebRTC that I wasn’t aware of.

A few updates about the course

There are a few minor updates that are taking place in the course:

  • I will most probably add a forum to go along with the course. The forum is opened for all packages, and it will be a place where discussions and questions can take place between the students
  • The FAQ page was updated, based on questions I received in the past several weeks – check it out
  • The enrollment page now shows a pricing table, in an effort to make things clearer
  • There are now 3 packages:
    1. Basic – access to the course for 2 months + forum
    2. Plus – access to the course for 4 months + forum + office hours
    3. Premium – a new package – see below for information
  • For those who wish to enroll by wire transfer instead of PayPal – just contact me through my contact form

Course length

The course duration is 8 weeks, give or take a few days.

That said, if you want access to the recorded materials for a longer period, then you might want to consider going for the Plus or Premium packages.

The Plus package extends access to the course materials, including the forum and the office hours by an additional 2 months.

Office hours happen twice a week, at two different times to accommodate multiple time zones. During office hours I will be reviewing with the students their learning and understanding of WebRTC and assist in person in areas that will arise. I might even decide to hold a quick online lesson on relevant or timely topics during the office hours.

The Premium package extends access to the curse materials up to a full year. More about the premium package below.


If you want to enroll multiple employees or just come join as a team, they just contact me directly.

For large enough groups, I can offer discounts. For others, just the service of proforma invoice and wire transfer (which can still be better than PayPal for you).

We will be having 3-4 medium sized groups in our course this time, which will make things interesting – especially during office hours.

The Premium Package

I decided to add a premium package to the offering.

The idea behind it is to allow those who want more access to my time, and in a more private way.

The premium package offers two substantial additions on top of the Plus package:

  1. Access to course materials for a full year (instead of 2 or 4 months)
  2. Two private consultation calls with me

In the past few months I’ve noticed a lot of small companies who end up wanting an advice. A few hours of my time to explain to me what they are doing and chat about it, to see if there’s anything I can suggest. I decided to offer this service through this course as well, by bundling it as two consultation calls that go on top of the course itself.

We select together the agenda of these calls and what you want to achieve in them before we start. We then schedule the time and medium to use for the call (think something with WebRTC and a webcam, but not necessarily). And then we sit and chat.

If you already enrolled

If you already enrolled via PayPal and haven’t heard anything from me other than an order form and an invoice – don’t worry. I will be reaching out to all students a week or two before the course.

I am excited to do this, and really hope you are too.


See you next month!

Want to learn more about WebRTC server requirements and specifications? Enroll now to my 3-part video mini-course for free:

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