The WebRTC Developer Tools Landscape 2022 (+report)

September 8, 2022

An updated infographic of the WebRTC Developer Tools Landscape for 2022, along with my Choosing a WebRTC API Platform report.

This week I took the time to update my WebRTC Developer Tools Landscape. I do this every time I update my report, just to make sure it is all aligned and… up to date.

A few quick thoughts I had while doing this:

  • Vendors come and go
    • We see this all the time
    • At the time of writing, I am aware of 2-3 additional changes that couldn’t fit to this update simply because of timing
  • Testing & Monitoring is becoming more important
    • There are more vendors there than they used to
    • With my testRTC hat on, I can say this is a good thing
    • Especially since we’re the best game in town 😉
  • CPaaS is crowded
    • And becoming more so
    • Is there room for everyone there?
    • How will this market look like moving forward?
    • Who should you be selecting for your next project?
    • All these questions is what I am covering in the WebRTC API report

Why is your company not there?

The WebRTC Developer Tools Landscape will never be complete. People always get pissed off at me when I publish it, not understanding why their company isn’t there. My answer to this is a simple one – because I don’t know what it is that you are doing.

They then get even angrier. What they should do at that point is ask themselves why I don’t know them enough. I have lived and breathed WebRTC since it was first announced. So if I don’t know their company and product, how do they expect others to learn about them?

I don’t think I am unique or special. Just that if you want to be in a landscape infographic that covers WebRTC, you might as well want to make sure people who deal with WebRTC and help others figure out what tools to use will know what it is that you’re doing.

What about that report?

The report has been going strong for some 8 years now, with an update taking place every 8-12 months. It has been 12 months, so it definitely needed an update.

2 vendors were removed from the report and 3 new vendors added.

I’ve also decided to “upgrade” the term Embed/Embeddable/Embedded to Prebuilt. The reason behind it is the progress and popularity of these types of solutions in the video API space. Most CPaaS vendors today that offer a video API are also offering some form of higher level abstraction in the form of a ready made application – be it a full reference app, a UIKit, or a Prebuilt component.

The report will be published on 22 September. If you want to purchase it, there’s a 20% discount available at the moment – from now and until its publication.

Check out more about my Choosing a WebRTC API Platform report.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

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