CPO at Spearline and what it means to BlogGeek.me

September 13, 2022

I am now CPO (Chief Product Officer) at Spearline. This means that there are going to be some changes here at BlogGeek.me. Here’s what you can expect

Me, somewhere in Ireland, 3 weeks ago

Almost a year ago, testRTC, the company I co-founded, got acquired by Spearline. During that time, I got to know the great team there and the huge opportunity that Spearline has.

Since the above feels corny and a cliché to me as I write it, I’ll stop here.

To make a long story short:

  • Spearline acquired testRTC (Spearline has its HQ in Ireland)
  • Now they had 2 separate product lines: Voice Assure and testRTC
  • As time went by, it was apparent that 2 is just a beginning
  • And also that someone needs to manage product management as a whole
  • Which is where I came in – they asked, and I said yes
  • So now I am CPO at Spearline 🕺

What does this mean?

First off, I am excited. Very.

It has been some time since I had a team to work with as their direct manager. It will also be the first time I get to manage product managers.

It also means that I am going to be investing a lot more of my time and attention at Spearline. Which is great, as I really love interacting with the people there already (I wouldn’t have accepted the role otherwise).

For my consulting business, it means that I will be shrinking it down considerably. I won’t be doing much consulting moving forward. It is somewhat sad, as I really loved helping people and hearing their stories and challenges. Hopefully, I will still get to do it in other ways.

What is going to stay, are all the initiatives that have taken place around BlogGeek.me over the years:

  • My writing here on this blog will continue, though probably at a lower frequency
  • The courses and reports will continue to be supported and updated. Me and Philipp Hancke are working to complete the new Low-level Protocols Course and we have plans for a few other courses after this one
  • In the same token, WebRTC Insights is going to continue as a service
  • And so will WebRTC Weekly and the Kranky Geek events
  • From time to time, I’ll probably run an initiative or two here. Because I just can’t stop myself 😉

All in all, it is time to continue and grow, and in a direction I have never expected I’ll find myself again.

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