Which WebRTC PaaS Vendor is Investing in His Platform?

April 4, 2016

Not all of them.

Who is investing in its platform?
Who is investing in its platform?

Twilio. Added a slew of services in 2015.

TokBox. Got a new Spotlight live broadcast service. But not only.

VoxImplant. Added HD to its audio conferencing.

The rest? Not really sure?

Most of the time, when people talk to me about their use case, and the need to pick a specific platform, it boils down to a shopping list of features. They want everything. Usually more than any single vendor can offer. When prodded further, they reduce the need to a small set of requirements. But then again, they do see in their future these added set of features.

In many cases, selecting a vendor means understanding which of them might have what you need in the future down the road in their roadmap – not necessarily in their service today, but they will get there by the time you will.

Guess what – this is another factor that needs to included to the list of requirements you need to look at when selecting a vendor to work with.

This is why in the latest release of my “WebRTC PaaS report”, I am adding a new section, which will give a quick indication to which vendors made changes to their platform (and if these changes were serious or not). The information there will date back two years, giving some perspective.

If you are thinking of stating to use one of the WebRTC API platforms out there and not sure which one to use, then this report may come in handy. Until this next updated release, I’ve taken the price down considerably – if you purchase now you pay $1250 instead of $1950 and you get a year of updates (so that the updated version will be yours next month the moment it gets published).

Check the WebRTC PaaS report page to decide if you need.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

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