HTML, SIP and the Missing Link (WebRTC)

WebRTC use in a SIP VoIP architecture

SIP has finally come to the browser! You can now run VoIP using SIP inside your browser by using HTML5 JavaScript tools. And we have WebRTC to thank for that to some extent.

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WebRTC’s Fat Lady Hasn’t Finished Her Song Yet

WebRTC's fat lady still singing

while I am an advocate of WebRTC, it still have a way to go until it matures enough. Until then, most of the things you will see with it are demos and hype. Where is it still lacking and what needs to be done to improve it?

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Net Neutrality is Like…

Net Neutrality and the dumb pipe

Net neutrality is like a lot of things. Mainly because its exact definition is somewhat elusive. Here are a few comparisons of net neutrality to other “things” that I found on the net.

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SIP has no video or audio quality

Signaling and Media

People often mistake the signaling protocol with the ability to achieve better media quality. I think it is time to put things straight: SIP or any other signaling protocol has nothing to do with media quality.

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6 Reasons Why WebRTC is Here to Stay

WebRTC is here to stay

WebRTC is a new technology, which means a valid question to ask is will it still be here a few years from now? The immediate answer is yes – and for some very good reasons.

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