Hardware Trumps Software Each and EVERY Time

Hardware versus Software

In the end of the day, every software success relies on hardware modifications. I am a bit fed up with people telling me that software codecs are just good enough – they consume the same battery life (they don’t), they provide the same quality (they don’t), they can run on small devices (they can’t). You […]

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WebRTC’s Hardware Challenge

WebTRC's hardware challenge

WebRTC is facing a real challenge in the hardware arena if it is going to select VP8 as its mandatory video codec. Here is why.

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[email protected]: An Interview With Terry Shats

frisB: the concept

Here’s a startup that is using WebRTC to generate missed calls to phones through web browsers, costing nothing more than local calls.

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Apple’s FaceTime is a Total Failure

Apple FaceTime fail

If you are an Fanapple then stop reading now. Go read some MG Siegler stuff elsewhere. This one is about an Apple failure, so no point in you staying around and flaming the comments. In June, Apple have boasted a lot of numbers during WWDC. Gleaned out of Alex Wilhelm’s coverage of the event, we […]

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