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Get trained to be your company’s WebRTC guy

Join me in the WebRTC 1.0 webinar and enroll to the WebRTC training that is starting soon after with a fresh set of office hours and updated lessons.

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WebRTC 1.0 – What on earth is it anyway? (register to the webinar)

Register to this upcoming webinar about WebRTC 1.0 and the impact it makes on your WebRTC development efforts.

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My WebRTC PaaS Report: December Release

Here’s what has changed in the WebRTC PaaS market since my last report (which also warranted this update today)

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Are You Listed in the WebRTC Index?

If you aren’t listed in the WebRTC Index then you should definitely go register your company now.

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Do We Need WebRTC Events?

Kranky Geek event takes place next week, and it is time to check why we still need WebRTC and RTC specific events.

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What’s in my Online WebRTC Course?

Here’s what you can expect to find when you enroll to my online WebRTC course.

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Taking a Breather. Be Back in September

See you in September. Time for some downtime for me. Not from work – got too many projects going on at the moment – updating my course, testRTC and some interesting customer projects I am involved with. I am also working on an offering around APIs. More on that later. This means – no new […]

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Drilling into the WebRTC Dataset

Get your hands on the most comprehensive WebRTC Dataset, featuring ~1200 vendors and projects. This will help you make better business decisions

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WebRTC for Business People – The 2017 Edition

Here’s what you’ll find in the updated edition of my WebRTC for Business People report. And the best part? It is free

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