CPaaS in 2020 and my WebRTC API report

October 26, 2020

In the last 2 months I’ve dived into the world of CPaaS again, updating my WebRTC API focused report. Oh, and there’s a new free ebook.

There have been many changes since my last update,so this one was greatly overdue.

API platforms changed hands due to mergers and acquisitions. Vendors joining the market. Others leaving or just pivoting away from APIs.

And then we had AWS and Azure entering the CPaaS market.

What I did in these last two months was interview and review all the vendors in my report again, to see what has changed and update that part of the report. I learned a lot from the process.

As with every time where I shift focus to a certain market, I took the time to process my own thoughts by writing them down here in a series of articles.

Here are two things I wanted to share with you, as well as announce my next upcoming projects.

Choosing a WebRTC API report – 2020 version

I finished and published the WebRTC API report last week. The result:

  • 254 pages
  • 24 vendors

Agora decided to sponsor this report (thanks a bunch!). They are one of the interesting vendors in this space, offering an IP video/voice focused platform with their own data centers spread across the globe and a lot of research done in machine learning to improve media processing.

If you are looking to learn more, then you can:

  1. Read the WebRTC API report overview
  2. Get the 4-pager of Agora from the report (each vendor covered in this report has a 4-pager)
  3. Purchase the report online

CPaaS in 2020 – a free ebook

The previous 3 articles in my site here were all focused on CPaaS, looking at different angles on how CPaaS is changing.

The first one dealt with the future of CPaaS, especially considering the pandemic and how it affects everything and everyone.

In the second article, I looked at AWS Chime SDK and Azure Communication Services, trying to understand what their entry into CPaaS is going to change in the market.

For the third and last article, the focus went to Twilio Signal 2020. Considering how they redefined the market in the last 4 years in each such event, this event was a bit of a downer. It did bring with it many insights.

If you’re more into printing and reading, or sharing with others, then I packaged all of these 3 articles into one ebook, making it easier to consume.

I called the ebook CPaaS in 2020 – a market in transition. Because this is what it is…

Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course – update & office hours

With my WebRTC API report now updated and finally launched, I can go back to focusing on other projects I am running.

My WebRTC Courses have been around for over 4 years now. I’ve been updating them regularly and I am doing it again to my main signature course – the Advanced WebRTC Architecture training.


There are going to be 2 new lessons and around 10 lessons that are already being updated and recorded all over again.

The purpose is still to make this the best alternative out there to learning WebRTC.

Office hours

Alongside the updates, I will be starting another round of office hours for the course. These will start in December.

The office hours is where students can come and learn online and in-person with me specific topics in WebRTC, as well as ask questions about anything related to WebRTC – and their own projects.

If you were thinking of learning WebRTC, then the best timing for it would be to enroll now and join the office hours. These are complementary to the course and open for anyone with a valid course subscription.

WebRTC Insights – a new service

Following and catching up with everything in WebRTC is time consuming. It is also tedious. And you need to know where to look and what each bit of information means to you.

To make this a wee bit easier, I’ve decided with the help of Philipp Hancke to start a new service together – WebRTC Insights

In this service, you receive an email every two weeks. This email includes all the important changes to WebRTC

  • Bug tracking of browser related WebRTC issues we feel are important
  • Select libwebrtc code commits that we found interesting
  • discuss-webrtc forum messages
  • Critical PSA announcements from browser vendors
  • W3C/IETF mailing list items
  • Market news related to WebRTC
  • Things we hear from other vendors that we can share

This gives you actionable insights to your own planning and reduces the risks in your development. Both Philipp and me have been doing this for a while, but doing it together brings it to a new level.

If you want to learn more and subscribe to this service, then check the new WebRTC Insights page.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

Two years of WebRTC Insights

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