One of the main things I do is offer consulting services throughout the whole gamut of the product development cycle focusing on WebRTC, CPaaS and messaging.


I like to delve into different types of projects ranging from technology stack and vendor selection, through roadmapping and differentiation to marketing support. I also assist in due diligence processes.


Technology Assistance

Oftentimes, customers are looking for help:

  • They know what they want to build, but don't know exactly how or who to partner with
  • They tried to build something, then got stuck with some technical issues
  • They want to reduce their development risks by choosing the most suitable architecture

In these cases, I join the project for short periods of time, assisting in finding the bottlenecks and edge cases, outlying the correct architecture and connecting the team with agencies and freelancers who can assist with the actual development when needed. I also conduct workshops and offer an online WebRTC training.

Product Management and Strategy

The communication market is changing. When you work inside an enterprise, you get caught up inside the echo chamber - the worldview and perspectivesof your team is limited to your point of view of the market. Speaking to multiple vendors in different verticals and business types on almost a dailybasis enables me to bring in a fresh view to my clients.

Things customers usually ask of me include:

  • Assist in product requirements, including defining the roadmap and setting priorities
  • Develop go to market strategies and differentiation in competitive markets
  • Review products and features
  • Conduct workshops

Marketing Support

Need a whitepaper? Want an article or a blog post written? Need someone to draft acase study? Want me to join a webinar or speak at your event? Got some other cool marketing project? I am game.

There are also several sponsorship opportunities available throughout the websites and services that I manage.

Due Diligence Activities

If you are contemplating investing in a specific vendor or acquiring a vendor in the industry, then I can help with the technical and market due diligence work.

I've done these several times already, at the companies I worked at, as wellas with customers. I took part in some of the acquisition processes that took place in our industry, and can definitely assist you with it.



There's hourly prices available for the undefined types of work, usually the ongoing technical assistance or product management assistance.

When a clear deliverable and timeline can be defined then fixed prices are available.

What Others are Saying

I've been working as a consultant since 2013. I sometimes ask my clients to share their feedback. Here's some of what they say:

Tsahi is a rare occurrence in our industry as he combines a laser sharp understanding of various technologies with a grasp of business strategy and market trends. There is simply no match to working with Tsahi when it’s about transcending the marketing noise, sales pitches and wishful thinking. Beyond the thorough and deep analysis that Tsahi provides, there’s also a witty and spicy individual with original thinking who makes every discussion an eye opener, often leading to fresh ideas. I wish Tsahi all the best in his current and new endeavors and always look forward to collaborating with him.

Itay Rosenfeld  //  CEO @ Voxbone

We've been working with Tsahi for months and his insights and understandings of both the technology and the marketplace have been extremely helpful and shortened our development cycles materially. He's also extremely well connected and can find you a resource for any deeper dive you need. On top of all of that, he's a pretty great guy to hang out with 🙂

Craig Walker  //  Founder and CEO @ Dialpad

We approached Tsahi at YouNow in order to what should be our approach to adding WebRTC to our service. In a short period of time we have found Tsahi's insights and suggestions on where to focus our efforts and which frameworks to use reduced the time it took us to reach our target and removed a lot of the risks involved in the process.
Tsahi connected us to a number of vendors and companies, assisting us along the way in the interactions with them. We ended up using some of these vendors to speed up our development.
Tsahi's assistance to our adoption of WebRTC was invaluable.

Eran Kalmanson  //  CTO @ YouNow

Tsahi’s knowledge of the VoIP industry is amazing. He has been someone I have turned again and again for advice on SIP, WebRTC, and the VoIP industry in general. He has a long history in VoIP and has seen the industry evolve. His experiences are valuable and his advice has been spot on.

Leo Papadopoulos  //  CTO @ Cloud9 Technologies, LLC

Tsahi is a true WebRTC expert, and has also built a team that even further extends his agency’s expertise into client-side, back-end infrastructure and even user experience. He and his team provided us with a thorough diagnostic of how we were using WebRTC technologies and provided good, actionable feedback on how we could improve our products. I highly recommend Tsahi for any WebRTC consulting engagements!

Costin Tuculescu  //  VP Collaboration, Product, Engineering @ Intermedia


Interested to learn more? Get in touch with me through my contact page.