You Won’t Find Guesstimates in My WebRTC PaaS Report

April 11, 2016

Forecasts are overrated.

Dilbert giving estimatesI’ve been asked time and again things related to the market sizing of WebRTC, and I’ve tried to shy away from it all the time. The Dilbert strip above explains why…

This whole notion of estimating the size of a market that is, to be frank, hard to define, without solid numbers, too new – all lead to the question: why bother?

What are you looking for? The market size of WebRTC contact centers? Is that only for the WebRTC piece of it? Greenfield ones? With or without call widgets in tiny WordPress sites? How do you place the monetary value on it? Is it the WebRTC part or the whole contact center you’re interested in? Do you want the number to amount to a billion $ and go backwards from there so it fits your desired strategy?

All useless.

2 billion users. X% CAGR. 15% YoY growth.


Any day.

With something like WebRTC, such things are close to impossible as far as I can say, and probably not really worth it. Need to throw a number in the air? Generate it randomly.  It’s good enough for the TSA then why not for you?

Which leads me to something you won’t find in my WebRTC PaaS report – the one dealing with the WebRTC API market and assists developers in understanding if they should use a vendor and help picking up the right vendor (if that’s the course selected). These estimates don’t help in such a case. They are worse than useless.

Need estimates? Find some other report online. They will happily share their guesstimates in press releases out there (seen a few lately) so you can decide if it is worth paying for to get that “validation” you need for your management.

Need to make real decisions on how and what to implement? That probably won’t be in these reports.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

Two years of WebRTC Insights

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