Kranky Geek London, April 2015 Summary

April 27, 2015

A successful 2nd event.

Kranky Geek London, April 2014

Two weeks ago, during the WebRTC Global Summit, we had the joy of hosting our second Kranky Geek event.

Who’s we? Chris and myself (if you ever want to plan something and enjoy the ride, do it with Chris).

Why a Kranky Geek event? Because the existing WebRTC events don’t really cater developers properly.

Why the second one? Because people asked us when we will do another event, and it was a real joy putting up the first event.

You can read the summary of our first Kranky Geek event if you wish. This one holds information about the second event.

Our London event was smaller than the San Francisco event. That said, we had a quality audience with some great speakers. As usual, Google took center stage with an interesting presentation about what they are doing with WebRTC. Once the slides become available, I’ll write a dedicated post for it.

We had a variety of speakers, dealing with mobile, signaling and development challenges:

Krank it up – Chris Koehncke

As usual, Chris started off the event, discussing WebRTC as the communication tools that need to be used to build true collaboration solutions.

A History Lesson – Tsahi Levent-Levi

This time, I looked at WebRTC, trying to determine where we are in this journey, and making the point that those who want to participate should already be using it instead of waiting for the technology to be ready (in many ways, it is already ready).

Anatomy of an Application – Rob Pickering

Rob Pickering, CEO of ipcortex, gave the road his company took with WebRTC – tinkering with it since its inception. It had a lot of interesting tidbits on dealing with bugs.

In a way, bug tracking and handling was a part of many of the sessions this time around.


Developing for iOS and Android – Svein Willassen

Svein talked about’s endeavor into mobile apps with WebRTC. Starting as a browser only service, it was interesting to hear the challenges they faced and the decisions made along the way. First and foremost, was the suggestion to try and delay solving WebRTC related bugs (why expend effort where Google already are). This was also part of my own research into mobile recently.

Virtual collaboration – more than just video conferencing – Igor Pavlov

Igor Pavlov, CTO of LyteSpark took a stab at the things he learned when building a collaboration platform with WebRTC. His slides are packed with useful suggestions and tips.

Interoperable HTTP Signalling with Matrix – Matthew Hodgson

Matthew had a great session comparing the requirements of a signaling protocol and matching them to SIP, XMPP and Matrix in turn.

His slides are available here (pdf).

Google – Serge Lachapelle

Serge did a great job at explaining Google’s current focus areas in WebRTC – the effort they are taking in working with the community and providing the best media quality experience possible.

Once the slides are available, they will be posted and shared here.

How to build a WebRTC app – Tim Panton

Tim continued on his theme from our last Kranky Geek, showing how YoPet, a simple demo he built last time, became a real idea that he is running around trying to figure out.

We’re already planning our next Kranky Geek event – stay tuned!

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