New: Higher-Level WebRTC Protocols course

July 17, 2023

A new Higher-level WebRTC protocols course and discounts, available for a limited period of time.

webrtc protocols course

Over a year ago, Philipp Hancke came to me with the idea of creating a new set of courses. Ones that will dig deeper into the heart of the protocols used in WebRTC. This being a huge undertaking, we decided to split it into several courses, and focus on the first one – Low-level WebRTC protocols.

We received positive feedback about it, so we ended up working on our second course in this series – Higher-level WebRTC protocols.

Why the need for additional WebRTC courses?

There is always something more to learn once you started the journey with the question “What is WebRTC?“.

The initial courses at WebRTC Course were focused on giving an understanding of the different components of WebRTC itself and on getting developers to be able to design and then implement their application.

What was missing in all that was a closer look at the protocols themselves. Of looking at what goes on in the network, and being able to understand what goes over the wire. Which is why we started off with the protocols courses.

Where the Low-level WebRTC protocols looks at directly what goes to the network with WebRTC, our newer Higher-level WebRTC protocols is taking it up one level:

webrtc protocols

This time, we’re looking at the protocols that make use of RTP and RTCP to make the job of real time communications manageable.

If you don’t know exactly what header extensions are, and how they work (and why), or the types of bandwidth estimation algorithms that WebRTC uses – and again – how and why – then this course is for you.

If you know RTP and RTCP really well, because you’ve worked in the video conferencing industry, or have done SIP for years – then this course is definitely for you.

Just understanding the types of RTP header extensions that WebRTC ends up using, many of them proprietary, is going to be quite a surprise for you.

Our WebRTC Protocols courses

Got a use case where you need to render remote machines using WebRTC? These require sitting at the cutting edge of WebRTC, or more accurately and a slightly skewed angle versus what the general population does with WebRTC (including Google).

Taking upon yourself such a use case means you’ll need to rely more heavily on your own expertise and understanding of WebRTC.

webrtc course

There are now 2 available protocols courses for you:

  1. Low-level WebRTC protocols
  2. Higher-level WebRTC protocols (half-complete. Call it a work in progress)

And there are 2 different ways to purchase them:

  1. Each one separately – low and high
  2. As part of the bigger ALL INCLUDED WebRTC Developer bundle (the Higher-level course was just added to it)

You should probably hurry though…

  • There’s a 40% discount 🤯 on the Higher-level WebRTC protocols course. This early-bird discount will be available until the end of this month ($180 instead of $300)
  • There’s also a 20% discount on all courses and ebooks. Call it a summer sale – this one is available using discount code SUMMER

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