Nocode/Lowcode in CPaaS

July 18, 2022

Lowcode and nocode or old/new concepts that are now finding their way to Communication APIs. Here’s the latest developments.

Lowcode and nocode has fascinated me. Around 15 years ago (or more), I was tasked with bringing the video calling software SDKs we’ve developed at RADVISION to the cloud.

At the time, the solutions we had were geared towards developers and were essentially SDKs that were used as the video communication engines of applications our customers developed. Migrating to the cloud when all you are doing is the SDKs is a challenge. How do you offer your developer customers with the means to control the edge devices via the cloud, and doing so while allowing the application to control the look and feel, embedding the solution wherever they want.

The cloud we’ve developed used Python (Node.js wasn’t popular yet), and we dabbled and experimented with Awesomium – a web browser framework for applications – the predecessor of today’s more popular Electron. We built REST APIs to control the calling logic and handle the client apps remotely via the cloud.

I spent much of my time trying to come to grips with how exactly you would fit remote controlling an app to the fact that you don’t really own or… control. A conundrum.

Fast forward to today, where cloud and WebRTC are everywhere, and you ask yourself – how do you remote control communications – and how do you build such interactions with ease.

The answer to that is usually by way of nocode and lowcode. Mechanisms that reduce the amount of code developers need to write to use certain technologies – in our case Communication APIs (CPaaS).

I had a bit of spare time recently, so I decided to spend it on capturing today’s nocode & lowcode status and progress within the CPaaS domain.

This has been especially important if you consider the recent announcements in the market – including the one coming from Zoom about their Jumpstart program:

“With Jumpstart, you can quickly create easy-to-integrate and easy-to-customize Zoom video solutions into your apps at lower costs.”

So without much ado, if this space interest you, you should check out my new free eBook: Lowcode & Nocode in Communication APIs

This eBook details and explains the various approaches in which lowcode and nocode manifest themselves in the Communication APIs domain. It looks into the advantages and challenges of developers who adopt such techniques within their applications.

👉 I’d like to thank Daily for sponsoring this ebook and helping me make it happen. If you don’t know them by now then you should. Daily offers WebRTC video and audio for every developer – they are a CPaaS vendor with a great lowcode/nocode solution called Daily Prebuilt

If you are in the process of developing applications that use 3rd party Communication APIs, you will find the insights in this eBook important to follow.

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Two years of WebRTC Insights

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