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WebRTC & TenHands: An Interview With Mark Weidick

TenHands makes an interesting use case for WebRTC. They have decided to tackle the traditional enterprise video conferencing market and do that by using WebRTC natively. Here’s an interview with Mark Weidick, TenHands’ CEO.

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Android is Becoming a Cross Platform Development Environment

Android is making its transition from a mobile operating system into a cross platform runtime environment. Where can we see this happening today?

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Where in the World is Android?

Android has gone a long way from being a smartphone OS. You can find it in any kind of a device these days. Here are a few interesting examples.

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4 Awesome Reading Sources for Your Kindle

If you are a new owner of Kindle, you probably don’t have much to read. Here are ways to find some gread reads.

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I Want an aPhone for My Birthday

It is my birthday today, and I want an Amazon phone as a gift.

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Inexpensive SciFi Kindle Books You Must Read NOW

Kindle opens the horizon with a set of books I would never have read without it. I’ve compiled a list of several series of science fiction books that are inexpensive on the Kindle and are a joy to read.

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From Smartphone vs PDA to Device vs Infrastructure

The clash in the past between PDAs and smartphones is done. The new clash is between the smartphone devices and the infrastructure itself.

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The 3 Schools of Reliable Service Development

There are a lot of ways in which services can be launched these days: from stitching a bunch of existing web services to building everything on a dedicated data center. How do these compare to each other?

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How Kindle Reading is Different than Paperback Reading

If you are planning on buying a Kindle, better understand what you are facing, as your reading habits are about to change – you are not going to view books in the same light as you did until today.

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