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Are WebRTC room systems interesting again?

Video conferencing room systems are changing, and WebRTC has a hand in that. How are the new ones look like and what do they spell for the future?

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Surprise: Free Video Calling is no Guarantee for Success (or Adoption)

Mozilla Hello is saying goodbye and reminding us that free video calling doesn’t automatically lead to adoption by the masses. Here’s an analysis of what went wrong.

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Allo, Duo, Hangouts or Jibe? Help…

Google just announced Allo and Duo communication apps. How does that fit with Google Hangouts and the bigger picture?

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Where are we with WebRTC?

A status check of where we are in the WebRTC market and where we are headed, now that the technology is 5 years old.

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Microsoft, Apple and WebRTC in 2016

Microsoft and Apple are gearing up for WebRTC support. How will that translate into market adoption, and what should we see in 2016 from them?

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Does Google’s Support of RCS Changes Anything for WebRTC?

Google partnering with carriers and the GSMA around RCS won’t change its efforts around WebRTC or the bright future ahead of WebRTC. The two aren’t competing with each other and serve different purposes inside Google.

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What’s the Size of Your Messaging app?

Have you noticed how your messaging app is growing in size? You should. With these apps reaching into the billions of users, it is time we put them on a diet.

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Messaging and Push Notifications: Best Practices

Push notifications in many messaging apps is broken. Here are a few best practices to get you started with your own implementation of it.

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Can Apple Succeed with Two Operating Systems When Google and Microsoft are Consolidating?

Are we heading to a single operating system for all devices or will we stay in a world divided between PCs and mobile devices?

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