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Discount on the Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course ends tomorrow

Enroll today to the Advanced WebRTC Architecture course and get an early bird discount.

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Twilio Acquires Kurento. Who will Acquire Janus?

Twilio just acquired Kurento in an effort to support its video conferencing service. What does that mean to Kurento’s project? How does that affect Twilio? Janus? TokBox?

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NUBOMEDIA: the first open source WebRTC PaaS

An introduction to NUBOMEDIA, the first open source WebRTC PaaS, that is based on the Kurento media server. A guest post by Luis Lopez.

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You Won’t Find Guesstimates in My WebRTC PaaS Report

I try to avoid giving WebRTC forecasts. The market is just too dynamic and volatile for it to even make sense. There are other things in my report that will interest you though.

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Microsoft, Apple and WebRTC in 2016

Microsoft and Apple are gearing up for WebRTC support. How will that translate into market adoption, and what should we see in 2016 from them?

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Which WebRTC PaaS Vendor is Investing in His Platform?

Which WebRTC PaaS vendor should you use? I assume what you want is someone who is investing back in his platform and improving it. Not all vendors are like that, which is why I am adding a new section to my report.

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DIY or SaaS for Your In-App Messaging?

Need a messaging framework? Should you buy one or build your own? There’s no easy answer, but I’d lean towards buying a platform any day of the week.

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Developer Ecosystem Acquisitions Makes Build vs Buy Decisions Harder

The selection of a WebRTC PaaS vendor isn’t a simple one. Picking a vendor with a large developers ecosystem doesn’t make it impervious…

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Stop Whining about WebRTC Security Threats

WebRTC security should be the least of your worries in the face of problems we have elsewhere. You should get your priorities straight.

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