Scalability, VP9, and what it means for WebRTC

The multi-stream architecture of an SFU endpoint

There are various ways to achieve video scalability in WebRTC, and VP9 is going to add some intereting new opportunities in this regards. Learn what simulcast and SVC means and how they fit into the bigger picture in WebRTC.

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The Rise of WebRTC Broadcast and Live Streaming

WebRTC broadcast use cases

WebRTC broadcast is a new type of a solution that has sprouted in 2015 and is bound to grow in 2016. Here’s where we’re at with WebRTC live streaming today, and what will be the focus moving forward in these types of use cases.

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Do we Care about ORTC on Edge?

Skype adding ORTC

Microsoft just announced support for ORTC in both Edge and Skype. Here are a few of my thoughts about this move and how it relates to WebRTC.

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