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AV1 Specification Released: Can we kiss goodbye to HEVC and royalty bearing video codecs?

The newly released AV1 codec marks an important milestone in our road to royalty free video codecs. Here’s a detailed analysis of what it means.

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Jeff Lawson on the Past, Present and Future of Programmable Communications

An interview with Jeff Lawson, Co-founder and CEO of Twilio on the past, present and future of programmable communications

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Google and WebRTC. An Interview with Niklas Blum

Hear about WebRTC and where it is headed from Niklas Blum, who leads product management for WebRTC at Google.

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WebRTC iOS 11 Support. Are We There Yet?

Apple now officially “supports” WebRTC in iOS 11 and Safari. But what does that really mean, and what is still missing?

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What is WebRTC and What is it Good For?

What is WebRTC and What is it Good For? This 7-minute video provides a quick introduction to WebRTC and demonstrates why it is growing in importance and popularity.

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Does WebRTC have a Role in Chrome’s Market Dominance?

What place does WebRTC play in the rise of dominance of Chrome, and what does that mean about the future of WebRTC and your plans?

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Microsoft and the WebRTC Edge Case

Microsoft just announced its WebRTC Edge support. This move is something that should have happened a long time ago. Now? It has little benefit to WebRTC.

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WebRTC State of the Market 2017

Here is an infographic of the WebRTC state of the market in 2017, done with cooperation of Vidyo. Check it out, and join our webinar.

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Surprise: Free Video Calling is no Guarantee for Success (or Adoption)

Mozilla Hello is saying goodbye and reminding us that free video calling doesn’t automatically lead to adoption by the masses. Here’s an analysis of what went wrong.

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