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WebRTC Infographic: Are we at a Tipping Point?

A WebRTC Infographic done in collaboration with AT&T Developer Platform about the tipping point in our industry.

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Will Microsoft Edge Browser Support VP8 Video Codec in WebRTC?

Microsoft Edge won’t be supporting VP8 in WebRTC anytime soon. Here’s how all the browsers are lining up with their video codec support in WebRTC, and what you should expect to see by the end of 2015.

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Eudata and WebRTC: An Interview With Sandro Parisi

Eudata is adding omnichannel capabilities to contact centers. It has a WebRTC component inside its solution. Here’s an interview with Sandro Parisi, CEO of Eudata.

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For WebRTC, Android and Chrome are more than just an OS and Browser

WebRTC gains a lot more than just being available on Chrome and on Android. These two open projects mean that WebRTC gets adopted in many non obvious places. Call it the unintended consequences of having Google bring WebRTC to life.

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Why WebRTC in WebKit Won’t Move the Needle

WebRTC in WebKit is a new interesting project. My only question is who gains from this one, if anyone.

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Why WebRTC P2P CDN is Risk Free

There is nothing to lose and much to gain by adopting a WebRTC P2P CDN approach on top of your existin CDN.

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A Quiz: Who are the WebRTC Influencers?

Companies tapping into WebRTC’s potential are really at the mercy of the primary browser vendors. Here’s why I think that is true even when some of you disagree.

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iPhone has More WebRTC than Any Other Smartphone

WebRTC on mobile is no longer challenging. iOS and the iPhone seem to be very popular with the latest WebRTC-based communication services that get launched on a weekly basis.

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Where does WebRTC fit in Mobile Applications?

Announcing my new report – WebRTC Adoption in Mobile Applications – an in-depth analysis of how vendors deal with real time communications in their mobile apps.

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