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How WebRTC Statistics and Performance Monitoring Changed VoIP Monitoring

WebRTC changed the way we think and design monitoring infrastructure around VoIP deployments. We’re now collecting statistics directly from edge devices. Here’s why

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“Open Source” SDK for SaaS and CPaaS are… Meh

SaaS and CPaaS are using and “marketing” stuff as open source. SDKs are one such thing, but they are far from open source.

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How Many Users Can Fit in a WebRTC Call?

WebRTC can be used for calls in any group size. The larger the group the more energy you’ll need to put to your architecture and media server technology.

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The Makeup of a WebRTC API Platform

What’s in a WebRTC API Platform and what makes it different from the classic CPaaS? Here are my thoughts as I prepare to update my report.

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Jeff Lawson on the Past, Present and Future of Programmable Communications

An interview with Jeff Lawson, Co-founder and CEO of Twilio on the past, present and future of programmable communications

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What’s New With the Jitsi Videobridge?

Jitsi videobridge is a popular media server for WebRTC and it is going some interesting changes recently. Here’s a summary of where we’re at.

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What’s up with WebRTC Video as a Service in 2017

Multiparty video support in WebRTC seems to be the holy-grail at the moment. Here’s how the various offerings look like today.

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When CPaaS Target Enterprises. 3 Different Approaches

CPaaS is eying the enterprise. Here are a few ways in which CPaaS vendors are targeting enterprise customers in 2017.

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Twilio Acquires Kurento. Who will Acquire Janus?

Twilio just acquired Kurento in an effort to support its video conferencing service. What does that mean to Kurento’s project? How does that affect Twilio? Janus? TokBox?

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