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WebRTC Demand isn’t Exponentially Growing

WebRTC still shows linear growth. Consistently. No exponential breakout. No real hype. Here are the indicators and what they mean to our small real time communications industry.

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WebRTC Basics: What’s a Video Codec Anyway?

A quick primer to video codec – what it is, how it works and why it is so damn hard to implement in ways that satisfies everyone.

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Fone.do and WebRTC: An Interview With Moshe Maeir

Fone.Do is reinventing the office phone for small businesses. Want to learn more? Here’s an interview with Moshe Maeir, founder of Fone.Do.

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Android Does… RCS !? What About WebRTC? Hangouts?

Google acquired Jibe Mobile and officially announced supporting RCS. Why is this move so interesting and how will it affect communications? There is no easy answer, and many possibilities now open for Google to use this latest acquisition.

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Do we Care about ORTC on Edge?

Microsoft just announced support for ORTC in both Edge and Skype. Here are a few of my thoughts about this move and how it relates to WebRTC.

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WebRTC Codec Wars: Rebooted

The Alliance for Open Media was just announced. This is huge news for WebRTC video codec and a reboot of the codec wars. Here’s what you should know about this initiative.

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WebRTC’s Extremes. Aggregation or Embedability? Federated or Siloed?

WebRTC as a piece of technology can be used to reach extremes – aggregate or embed – federate or silo. Which should it be and why this huge variance in solutions?

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How OTTs are Challenging VoLTE’s Prime Asset on Smartphones

VoLTE is the carrier’s voice service for LTE. Will it even be relevant, with the many attempts of OTTs to displace the carrier from the smartphone’s dialer app?

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Why You Should Start Using WebRTC TODAY and Abandon Perfection?

There are many excuses for not using WebRTC and delaying its adoption, but there are very little real reasons. What’s your excuse?

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