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7 CPaaS Trends to Follow in 2018

Here are 7 CPaaS trends that will shape our cloud communication API market in the coming year. We’ve seen them appear in 2017, and they will definitely grow is we head into 2018.

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Twilio’s Voice Insights for WebRTC – a line on the sand

Twilio just launched their Voice Insights service. One of several announcements. How does this new analytics related offering fit into the WebRTC PaaS space?

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Google Fi, Internet of Things and the Bleak Realities of Telecom Services

The future of the carriers may not lie in services at all. Google Fi and IOT show a different future – one where services must run agnostic to carriers altogether.

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Can Apple’s On-Device Analytics Compete with Google and Facebook?

Can Apple survive in the long term by running analytics strictly on devices or will it have to shift towards a Google/Facebook mindset of endless collection of data?

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IOT Messaging – Should we Head for the Cloud or P2P?

There are different architectures for the network that IOT devices can and should use. There isn’t a lot of discussion aroudn this area, and I wanted to start something off.

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Altocloud and WebRTC: An Interview With Barry O’Sullivan

Contact center WebRTC isn’t only about click-to-talk scenarios. Altocloud takes the opposite route – how do you target customers browsing your website? Here’s an interview with Altocloud’s CEO, Barry O’Sullivan.

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Taking UC Seriously? Read this Post

If you are trying to introduce a new technology, the business processes around the legacy “stuff” need to be replaced.

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7 Tactics a WebRTC API Platform Can Use to Grow

WebRTC API platforms are readying themselves for acquisition. There are things they can do to differentiate from the rest of the pack and attract customers.

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Where does WebRTC meet M2M?

WebRTC is much more than VoIP. We need to look at it differently – reverse our thought processes to make it fit into M2M.

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