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WebRTC Mobile to Web? Make Sure You Think at Web Speeds

Getting WebRTC mobile to work properly in a use case that requires browsers as well has its own set of challenges.

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3 Advantages of WebRTC Embedded in the OS

What would happen if WebRTC was embedded in the operating system itself? What benefits could we derive out of it besides smaller app sizes?

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Android Does… RCS !? What About WebRTC? Hangouts?

Google acquired Jibe Mobile and officially announced supporting RCS. Why is this move so interesting and how will it affect communications? There is no easy answer, and many possibilities now open for Google to use this latest acquisition.

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WebRTC Plugin Free World is Almost Here: Apple and Microsoft joining the crowd

Alexandre Gouaillard decided to drop by here at BlogGeek.me offering his analysis on recent news coming out of Apple and Microsoft about WebRTC plugins – news that affect how these two players will end up supporting WebRTC real soon.

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How the Politics of Standardization Plays in WebRTC, WebAssembly and Web Browsers

Vendors don’t usually support what’s good for the customers or the world – they choose what’s good for themselves. Check out the difference in support of WebRTC and WebAssembly as an example.

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How OTTs are Challenging VoLTE’s Prime Asset on Smartphones

VoLTE is the carrier’s voice service for LTE. Will it even be relevant, with the many attempts of OTTs to displace the carrier from the smartphone’s dialer app?

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For WebRTC, Android and Chrome are more than just an OS and Browser

WebRTC gains a lot more than just being available on Chrome and on Android. These two open projects mean that WebRTC gets adopted in many non obvious places. Call it the unintended consequences of having Google bring WebRTC to life.

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Whatsapp VoIP Implementation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Whatsapp added voice calling, and it doesn’t work that well for me. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of what they have achieved so far.

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A Quiz: Who are the WebRTC Influencers?

Companies tapping into WebRTC’s potential are really at the mercy of the primary browser vendors. Here’s why I think that is true even when some of you disagree.

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