Apart from my online WebRTC training, I run communication workshops that teach technology professionals how to incorporate WebRTC and CPaaS into their own applications.

WebRTC and CPaaS are new technologies in the market. As we migrate our communication capabilities into the cloud, there is a growing need for the use of these technologies. The thing is, they aren't always easy to understand or follow, as they are changing rapidly before our eyes.

What I do in these workshop, is understand your needs and create a targeted agenda for anywhere between half a day to two days of a mixture of content and brain storming.

The agenda of the workshop is customizable. We will work together to define what goes into the workshop - what parts will be provided in a form of a presentation and what parts will be reserved for open discussions and Q&A on topics relevant to your business.

Workshop Audience and Size

I usually get a mixture of software developers, system architects and product managers in these workshops. There's always a breadth of competency and experience so I tailor the pace and depth accordingly.​

I try to aim for between 8 and 12 participants in a workshop. This keeps the numbers high enough to bring value to a sizable group within the company while keeping the discussions focused on the needs of the enterprise.

Remote Workshops

The workshop format is applicable for both doing it locally in your office as well as remotely (I hate traveling, and it also makes the workshop more expensive). The remote ones take place over a WebRTC-based service (obviously).

The remote option offers the same type of preparation and customization as the on-site alternative, but can usually span over a longer time period.


The Price of the workshops vary. It is affected by my availability, travel requirements and amount of preparation required on my end. The prices are fixed and are not related to the number of people that attend the workshop.

All materials used in the workshop are sent electronically after the workshop for your reference - you can use them internally as you see fit.


Interested to learn more? Get in touch with me through my contact page.