10 Chrome Extensions to Ease Your Browsing

Suggested Chrome extensions

Browsing has become second nature. My browser is the most viewed application on my laptop. I’ve switching from Firefox to Chrome about two years ago, and in the last year, I have found that a few Chrome extensions can make a real difference.

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HELP NEEDED: What Phone Should I Use?

help needed

I’ve been using an Android for the past 2-3 years. Now in a new job, I get a new phone. And it is going to be the corporate-standard. A Blackberry. Not my cup of tea.
What should I do then?

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Mandatory Reading List for Mobile VoIP Marketers

My magnificent 7 blogs for the mobile VoIP marketer

I am an avid reader of blogs. As such, I tend to collect a lot of them in a lot of areas of interest. When it comes to mobile VoIP, I’ve got my magnificent 7 – the list of 7 blogs I most rely on to get my thoughts going and my creativity to flow.

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How a Single Book Changed my Life (or Will)

Book review: The Flinch

There’s this book I read a while ago and I think it changed my life. It is called The Flinch, by Julien Smith. It’s a great book that will make you stop flinching and start acting instead.
I do hope it will work for me…

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