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Google I/O 2018 and the Future of Computing

I/O 2018 paints google as an AI-first company with everything it does moving forward. Here’s what it means.

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What Comes Next in Communications?

There are opposite forces at play when it comes to the next wave of communication technologies.

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RCS now Google Messages. What’s Next in Consumer Messaging?

How is Google’s new strategy around Chat is aligned with other efforts in the consumer messaging space, and what are its chances to succeed?

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Twilio Flex = Twilio Flexing its Flexibility (or the programmable contact centers)

Twilio Flex is a new programmable contact center by Twilio that tries to bring the power and flexibility of APIs to contact centers.

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“Open Source” SDK for SaaS and CPaaS are… Meh

SaaS and CPaaS are using and “marketing” stuff as open source. SDKs are one such thing, but they are far from open source.

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The Internet of Things or Things on the Internet?

Here’s the path we need to take to move from things over the internet towards th vision of the internet of things

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WebRTC Electron Implementations are on 🔥

Electron is now quite popular with WebRTC applications. There are multiple reasons for that, and one of them is about getting away from the browser.

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7 CPaaS Trends to Follow in 2018

Here are 7 CPaaS trends that will shape our cloud communication API market in the coming year. We’ve seen them appear in 2017, and they will definitely grow is we head into 2018.

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10 Massive Applications Using WebRTC

Thought WebRTC is still nascent? Check out the numbers from these massive applications using WebRTC already. What are you waiting for?

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