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Should Browser Vendors be Responsible for their User’s WebRTC Actions?

Browser vendors need to implement WebRTC security in a way that takes into account user behavior (or more likely – misbehavior).

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Stop Whining about WebRTC Security Threats

WebRTC security should be the least of your worries in the face of problems we have elsewhere. You should get your priorities straight.

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The Biggest Risk of Building a Business over Messaging Platforms

Are you thinking of using messaging platforms to connect to with your customers programmatically? Think again – there are risks involved in this adventure – you might find yourself with no access to your customers at some point in the future, so tread carefully.

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Google Fi, Internet of Things and the Bleak Realities of Telecom Services

The future of the carriers may not lie in services at all. Google Fi and IOT show a different future – one where services must run agnostic to carriers altogether.

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Messaging. Federated? Silo? Does it Matter with an API and Bots?

Got a messaging service? Nobody cares if it is federated or a silo anymore – just make sure there’s a nice API for it so we can integrate with it with relative ease. The rest will sort itself out.

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Unified Communications is Overrated

Communication is necessary, but is overrated in the importance of a single vendor to offer it across the board – its values aren’t as cherished as they used to be.

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The Hidden Gems of WebRTC Goodness May Well Lie Within GetUserMedia Itself

With WebRTC GetUserMedia we get a whole lot of value already. Some latest uses show that we’re migrating from simple photo taking to more complex and mature use cases as well.

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Ziggeo and WebRTC: An Interview With Susan Danziger

Ziggeo offers an asynchronous interface to record and playback videos on websites. How does that work exactly? Here’s an interview with Susan Danziger, CEO of Ziggeo. She explains what are customers use Ziggeo for, and how is this service making use of WebRTC.

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IOT Messaging – Should we Head for the Cloud or P2P?

There are different architectures for the network that IOT devices can and should use. There isn’t a lot of discussion aroudn this area, and I wanted to start something off.

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