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Winners and Losers of no MTI Video Codec in WebRTC

The indecision in the IETF over the MTI codec for WebRTC has been a bad thing – but only to some. Who is gaining and who is losing due to it?

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The Rise of Opus to HD Voice Domination

Opus is becoming a serious voice codec player in a world “infested” with royalty base codecs. Is this going to change the voice market?

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Teledini and WebRTC: An Interview With Steve Smithwick

WebRTC brings with it the ability to “close the loop” inside a web browser for a sales cycle. Here’s an interview with Steve Smithwick, COO and President of Teledini, a company doing just that.

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Security as a WebRTC Adoption Reason is an Excuse

Please – stop promoting WebRTC as the solution to governments spying on us.

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Where Does WebRTC Fit in Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts will be using WebRTC if it isn’t doing it already. The only misalignment that I can see is one of timing.

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OpenClove and WebRTC: An Interview With Shubh Agarwal

Time for another API vendor that makes use of WebRTC. This time, an interview with Shubh Agarwal, VP Marketing at OpenClove.

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Hurdles? What WebRTC Hurdles?

There are those who misplace the types of hurdles WebRTC is facing, and that misunderstanding is going to hurt those who believe them. Here are such hurdles and what I think of them.

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WebRTC’s Future: is it H.265 or VP9?

The WebRTC codec war will intensify with the introduction of VP9 and H.265 – here’s why.

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Idea Adoption, News, Real Time Analytics and WebRTC

Idea adoption – the “life cycle” of an idea getting to market. How does this apply to things you are dealing with these days?

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